Harajuku food adventure!

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Lola’s cupcakes!


I had an amazing time exploring Harajuku with my best friend!  It is a very busy part of Japan, and there were so many creative people.  My friend and I went around exploring, and trying delicious treats.  We went through Takeshita Street and around Harajuku!  First, we went to get a drink served in a container shaped like a lightbulb.  We got the pink lemonade soda, and it came with a straw shaped like a heart! It was very interesting and fun to drink out of a light fixture(At least something shaped like it).  Next up, we got some soft serve ice cream.  It came with their special crumbs, and it was very delightful!  Perfect for a hot summer day!  Once we finished our sweet treat, we went to Lola’s cupcakes to satisfy our sweet tooth.  They serve mini cupcakes and the normal size.  We decided to each get two mini cupcakes.  I got, vanilla and cookies and cream.  They were both presented beautifully, and were exquisite!  For lunch, we had a slice of pizza completly coveredin cheese(even the crust).  It was delicious!  It was my first time walking around there without an adult, and it was very thrilling!  I hope to visit Harajuku again soon!


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