Tokyo Disneyland!

“Where dreams come true!”

The lamp post went wacko!


About two weeks ago, I went to Tokyo Disneyland with my close friend.  We went with her mom, and I had the best time.  Since we went in the summer, it was scorching hot, and we were sweating the whole day; however, the heat didn’t stop us from having a spectacular time at “The happiest place on Earth”!  We went on a lot of rides including, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain(They are the most thrilling rides)!  Disneyland is “Where dreams come true”, and just walking around it makes you feel like you entered a magical universe.  My friend knew where Mickey’s face was secretly hidden inside of the architecture, and she showed me all different kinds of fun things that I would have missed if I wasn’t with her.  I think that Disneyland is a magical and extraordinary place where everyone can have an amazing time!  I hope that I can go again with my family and show them all of the fun things my friend and I did.  If anyone happens to be in Tokyo, Disneyland is an awesome place to visit!

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