My Little India Adventure

The house of Tan Teng Niah.

Little India is a very exhilarating place, where you can find good food (Indian curry) and tons of interesting stores and things to do.  Whenever my family goes, we always try to find new restaurants and sights to see.  This time, we ate at an Indian restaurant called Banana Leaf.  We ordered butter chicken, naan, and some rice.  It was scrumptious! After the pleasurable meal, my brother and I got a henna tattoo; which is like a brown ink that they draw onto your skin, and it stays for around a week.  The lady drew a beautiful flower print onto my hand which I absolutely love!  My brother got a camouflaged wolf on his hand for ten dollars (It’s not that cheep).  There are a lot of  historical buildings, and it is fun to simply walk around the area.  We went to see the former house of Tan Teng Niah.  It was a wonderful house filled with colour!  Little India is a place filled with excitement , and is a great place if you want to learn about the Indian culture!

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