The View of Singapore!

On top of the world!

Around a month ago, my family went to Tanjong Pagar to explore the area.   We found a 50 storey condo called Pinnacle.  Anyone can go up there for $6, and enjoy the 360 degree view!  If anyone is in Singapore, I totally recommend stopping by to see the magnificent view of Singapore.  My family just walked around for about an hour, but I think we got to  spend some quality time together!  The view is seriously amazing!  I got to see places in Singapore that I never new existed.  There was a little playground that Keiden and I played at for a bit.  Besides the Pinnacle, Tanjong Pagar has some cute restaurants and cafes to offer.  We stayed for a night around the area, and for dinner we enjoyed some Italian pasta made from scratch.  The pasta was amazing, and the couple that opened the restaurant were very sweet!  In the morning, Keiden, Mom, and I went to a small bakery, and got some croissants and drinks.  It was a very fun morning, since we got to have a delicious breakfast, and a beautiful view of historical homes in Singapore!  Although my family lives in Singapore, we enjoyed seeing an unexplored part of this country!

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