Fantastic Freak Shakes!


Our Freak Shakes!!

Me and my brother enjoying our shakes!


Two weeks ago, my brother Keiden and I, decided to spoil ourselves with a delicious freak shake!  Making a freak shake was on my bucket list since summer. Although it has around a thousand calories, I was craving one.  First we made chocolate milk, and put it into the fridge so it would be nice and cold.  Then, we started melting chocolate to put it on the rim of the mason jars.  Once we did that, we sprinkled all different kinds of fun confetti (sprinkles) onto the melted chocolate part (just to add the freak shake effect).  We put the mason jars into the fridge for a few minutes so the chocolate wouldn’t get over our hands.  When the chocolate set, Keiden and I put the chocolate milk into our jars, and topped them with the most unhealthiest things possible; whipped cream, sour strips, Oreos, and even a Ferrero Rocher! Go hard or go home!  This was a rare occasion, since my mom doesn’t like me invading her kitchen.  The final result was delicious!  The satisfying shake was huge, but me and my brother finished it in less than three minutes!  Literally.  On top of that, I made some great memories, such as spraying whipped cream into Keiden’s mouth!

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