Khao Rang Mountain

Kai and I


My family traveled to Phuket, Thailand for fall break!  We went for a week and stayed at JW Marriott.  We’ve been coming to Phuket since I was born, and it’s like a second home to me.  One of the places we visited was Khao Rang, which means Big Mountain in Thai.  It has a spectacular view, where we saw the South side of Phuket.  We walked around the top of the mountain, and then went down a few flights of stairs to a cafe called Tunk-Ka Cafe.  We got two sweets to share; a banana split, and some deep fried bananas served with a honey sesame sauce.  It was my first time having the deep-fried bananas, and they were really good.  It was a good snack to fill up our stomachs, and the view that we got to see while we were eating was amazing!  I hope we can go back there again, since we all had a great time.

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