Lagoons, Caves, and Canoes!

Heading to the lagoons!

On this day, our whole family took a boat ride to explore some small islands off the coast of Phuket.  We went on John Gray’s boat and visited three lagoons, and took a canoe to travel through each one of them.  When we got onto the boat, we ate lunch while sailing west, and enjoying the sea view.  All the food that we ate on the boat was made by local chefs onboard the ship.  They served green curry, fried rice with pineapple, grilled chicken and fruit, all of which are very common in Phuket.  It was interesting to taste the local cusine.  It was a really nice and sunny day to travel on boat.  We traveled on a cruise ship that accompanied around fifty day passengers.

Jumping off the boat with Kai!

The first lagoon we visited!

The first lagoon we went to had steep cliffs with trees growing from them.  Kai and I went on the same canoe with the most interesting tour guide!  He paddled the boat for us, and explained everything he knew about each lagoon.  He explained how snakes and some other creatures lived at the top of the cliffs, and we even got to see some monkeys.  Once we paddled through the first lagoon, we went straight to the second one, with a short swimming break.  We got to jump into the sea, to cool down.  The next lagoon we went to was near by, but harder to get to since we had to lay down horizontaly in the boat to prevent ourselves from hitting our heads in the low caves.  If it had been high tide, the water would have filled up the entrances, and we couldn’t have gone into the cave.

Making a krathong!

Our krathong!

The two flower birds.

After that, we made a krathong, as an offering to the water gods.  It is what people in Thailand make to ask for forgiveness from the god of oceans for polluting the waters, and is also a way for them to wash off their sins, and make wishes for the year to come.  The base is a banana tree trunk, and we decorated it with, banana leafs, vegetables, and flowers.  It was amazing to see all the different designs of krathong, since everyone decorated it differently.  The one Kai and I decorated had birds made out of flowers, with some lettuce, and folded banana leafs.  We used nails to keep everything in place, so after we put them into the sea, we had to collect them again since they weren’t eco-friendly.   It was really fun, and great way to experience the culture of Thailand.  The Loy Krathong holiday is celebrated during November, but they wanted us to experience some thai culture so we did it in October instead.  For more information about the holiday, click here.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

In order to get to the third lagoon, we had to go through a cave full of bats!  We paddled all around the cliffs, and enjoyed the sunset, and the view of the ocean.  We swam in the waters for a bit, and raced back to the cruise ship.  The last canoe ride was into a dark cave to release our krathong.  We lit the candles up, and made a wish while releasing them into the water.  We followed the krathong around the cave, and enjoyed staring into the candle light.  On the cruse back to the docks, we all relaxed on the top deck, and star-gazed the whole time.  We looked for different constanants, and had a great time talking to each other, away from phones and other distractions.  Even though we were all exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel room, I had an amazing time with my family, exploring the lagoons of Phuket!



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