Desserts From a Bird’s Eye View

Our view!

Walking up to the tree house!

On the last day of our trip to Phuket, my mom and I strolled down the beach to the hotel next door from where we stayed: Anantara.  This hotel is gorgeous, with traditional Thai villas for each room, and a huge pond that is at the heart of the hotel.  We ate at “The Tree House”, that had a spectacular view facing the pond.  What really convinced my mom and I to eat here was that they served the food in a huge bird cage.  When we got there, we each got a drink, while waiting for the food to come.  The bird cage had three tiers full of sandwiches and desserts!  We ate our way through from bottom to top, enjoying the, six different types of sandwiches, and ten different kinds of desserts!  Some of the foods were inspired by the local Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, mango, and some pink jello.  We were stuffed by the end of the meal, and had around three desserts left, which surprised us since I have a bottomless stomach for desserts!  My mom and I loved it, and it was a nice girls day out!

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