Kampong Glam and it’s Charm

Masjid Sultan!


My egg waffle and ice cream!

This Monday, my mom and I explored one of Singapore’s most charming and eclectic neighbourhoods.  It is located near Bugis.  Masjid Sultan a mosque, anchors this interesting area.  Shops and cafes in historical buildings line Arab street leading to Masjid Sultan.  We had a quick snack at the most adorable waffle and ice cream shop called Lickety.  The whole cafe has a fun and youthful vibe, with popsicle lights, and ice cream pillows all over the place! Their specialty is egg waffles, which are waffles that have a ball shaped design on them, with ice cream.  I got the vanilla and red velvet mixed waffle with raspberry passion fruit ice cream, and rainbow sprinkles! It was delicious!  There is a Malay Heritage Centre a block away from Lickety, so we decided to stop by to learn a bit about the Malay culture.  There was a Malay wedding ceremony going on in the neighbourhood, and we could hear the music, and the instruments that were playing when the bride and groom with their family members walked around the area celebrating.  It was very fascinating to get to listen and see a bit of the Malay culture!

Street art spotting down at Haji lane had been on my bucket list for the winter break, so we walked down the street, to explore the area.  There are endearing small stores and restaurants throughout the lane, with unique and chromatic designs on the wall.  It took around an hour to walk down the lane, and walk through most of the stores.  It had been a while since I visited the area, and I loved it!  The culture filled neighbourhood won me over, and I totally recommend it to those who haven’t explored this gem in Singapore!

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