Treking Through Tegallalang Rice Fields

Swinging over the rice fields!

For Easter break, my family flew to Bali to get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.  We are staying in a charming villa in Jimbaran which is located in southern Bali.  On the first full day in Bali, we relaxed in our villa, and went to the beach.  We were all as red as tomatoes by the time the sun set, and the pain of having a sun burn carried on till the next day.

This is the silver store Prapen

Katoot was our driver on the second day, and took us to Ubud, the heart of Bali.  We stopped by at some silver shops in Celuk, and got to see how earrings and broaches are made by silversmiths.  The first store we went, Prapen, was such a unique store, with fish ponds flowing through the various showrooms, beautiful green foilage, and handmade art made with natural matrials such as stone, wood, and gems.  It’s a must see if you’re looking for unique accessory pieces and luxury home items.

Batuan temple

The oldest temple in Bali, the Batuan Temple was our next stop.  This temple is a Hindu temple, and was built in the early 11th century with alluring stone and brick architecture.  Before entering some ladies had to rap us in a kamben, which is a cloth that everyone wears to enter the temple, to show respect to the gods in Hindu religion.  We paid 10k Rp for each of us as a donation to the temple.

Our final stop for the day, were the Tegallalang rice fields, located in Ubud.  It was an hour and a half away from Jimbaran.  We arrived  there before the sun set and paid 10k Rp per person to enter.  I expected the rice fields to be in the middle of a jungle, but the valley of rice fields were behind a street of shops and cafes. There were a lot of people walking around taking pictures, and we walked along the staircase- like fields amazed by the view.  What makes these rice fields so world renound are the green layers of fields creating a staircase effect.  Streams of water trickle through the fields, and the pallet of greens make this place a true gem.  The sight is breathtaking, and the pictures don’t do it justice.  My brothers and I enjoyed walking through the fields, and swinging on a swing which overlooked the rice fields.  The swing hung from two tall coconut trees that the people made.  There were a few swings at this rice field, but the one we went on cost 50k Rp (around $5), and was around 10m above the ground.  It was an exhilerating experiance.

It was a wonderful day of cultural exploration, and we enjoyed the beautiful natural surroundings that Bali has to offer.


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